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Recent Customer Reviews

Jackson B. – Los Angeles,

Quality toys and some of the best prices in all of Downtown Los Angeles. Beat the traffic, and save money with the merchandise man!

Jose G. – Orange County,

Come here to get inventory for my electronics store. I sell both online and in person and they always have the deals and products I need.

Larry F. – Glendale, CA

My daughter loves toy cars.
But she just doesn’t just want one,
which is why I started going to the Merchandise Man. He has tons of different styles, colors and models.

Beth L. – Agoura Hills,

Saves me money every visit. I sell a lot online, there is always something for me to find that I can either use or sell.

Paul D. – Los Angeles,

TOYS, TOYS, TOYS! This place has it all. No matter what you are looking for they got it at an unbeatable price.

Laurie T. – Bell Gardens, CA

I come here every week just to see the new TV’s and possibly even grab one or two. They are at such a good price I can’t help it.

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Seiki TV 60″

$499.00 $289.00
$249.00 $189.99
$69.99 $39.00
$29.99 $12.99
Out of stock

RC Cars & Trucks

RC Trucks & Cars

$38.00 $24.00
Out of stock

RC Cars & Trucks

RC Monster Truck

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